Saturday, August 3, 2013



My son requested Wingull. I found the pattern on The only changes that I made were to the wings. Ian wanted the wings to fold up as they do when Wingull is  sitting. So I made the wings in two pieces and then ran white pipe cleaners thru the pieces to give it some strength, but still allow the wings to fold.

Here are my modifications to the wings:
First part of wing:
Follow the pattern rnd 1-13.  Add two more rows of 16 sc. Finish off and leave a long tail. Take a couple of pipe cleaners and twist them together. Place then inside in a 'U' shape. Sew the end closed. Put aside for the moment. 
Second part of wing:
Row 1:With white ch 9, turn sc in 2nc ch and next 7, in back loops sc across (16)
Row 2-3: follow rnd 14-15 in pattern, but leave as white (16)
Row 4: follow rnd 16 (18)
Row 5: change color to blue, sc around (18)
Row 6-9: sc around (18)
Row 10-15: follow rnd 25-32, but  in white (18)
Row 16-17: add two more rows of 18 sc (18)
Row 18-22: follow rnd 31-35 in pattern
Before you finish the second part of the wing, you will want to put two pipe cleaners inside just as you have for the first part of the wing.
Take the first part of the wing and sew (was the open end) to row 1 of the second part. Then sew wing to the body. If you would like to add more stability to the wings, you can run a few more pipe cleaners thru the wings and thru the body.
Thanks for the pattern, Rosario.